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Drive patient engagement through care plans

Keeping your patients engaged in their own care, outside of your clinic, is a challenge. LifeInControl empowers you to extend your care to patients’ homes through digital therapeutics.   Prescribe a Care Plan in just 3 steps! With LifeInControl, creating a Care Plan is simple. Just log in to your digital diabetes clinic, select the patient, … Continue reading Drive patient engagement through care plans

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A diabetes management app with your branding!

LifeInControl creates a unique branded experience for your patients, so they remain connected with you- even between visits. Grow your practice with the power of branding: Your patients are motivated, engaged and compliant with their care when they know that you are constantly monitoring their health –through your branded app. Let’s see how your patients … Continue reading A diabetes management app with your branding!

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Diabetic- Friendly Soya-Aloo Paratha Recipe!

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Dr. Modi's Presentaion

Smart Management Of Diabetes – A Life In Control Initiative

Dr. Talwalkar said, “Technology enabled platforms can help address the issue of rising uncontrolled diabetics through continuous monitoring and tracking “.

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Dr. Seema Singh

LifeInControl App And Ease Of Patient Monitoring and Compliance – by Dr. Seema Singh

As a platform that enables doctors to create and prescribe care plans and remotely monitor their patients’ compliance to the care plans, LifeInControl helps convert the episodic out-patient care in diabetes to a much-needed continuous care.

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Impact of smartphone on healthcare

Impact of Smartphone On Medicine And Healthcare – A Review

The smartphone has a very bright future in the world of medicine, while doctors, engineers, and others alike continue to contribute more ingenuity to this dynamic field.

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Partha Sarathi Pati - Co Founder and COO Curo Healthcare

LifeInControl And The Future Of Diabetes Management – by Partha Sarathi Pati

Chronic conditions, such as diabetes, require continuous monitoring and care to alleviate risk at all stages. But current healthcare systems and processes aren’t equipped to handle chronic patient management as most of them stop with just assessment and care planning.

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Diabetes research and treatment news

Of Nuts And Yoga; News This Week From The World Of Diabetes

Diabetes is a menace that doctors, patients and researchers, all over the world, are trying their best to keep at bay. It is important for patients as well as doctors to be in tandem with all the new research, technology and treatment associated with diabetes.

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Diabetes Care

Living With Diabetes; An Inspiring Tale From Delhi

“Yes, diabetes is not a fun companion. But if you take care of the little things and are regular with your diabetes care, you can lead a normal, happy and fulfilling life.”

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Delicious Diabetic-Friendly Khichdi

The Age-Old Favorite Khichdi; Now In A Diabetic-Friendly Avataar!

One of the most popular (and might I say ‘the most delicious’) dishes in India is the ever green, readily available and easily made Khichdi. In my house, Saturdays were meant to be khichdi days. Dare one suggest anything other than khichdi, that person was then put through a grueling session titled “East or West, Khichdi is the best!”

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