A diabetes management app with your branding!

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LifeInControl creates a unique branded experience for your patients, so they remain connected with you- even between visits.

Grow your practice with the power of branding:

Your patients are motivated, engaged and compliant with their care when they know that you are constantly monitoring their health –through your branded app.

Let’s see how your patients see and use the app with your branding.

Health data

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On your branded app, patients can organise and secure all their health data like prescriptions, lab tests, and blood glucose readings. Sign-in to your digital diabetes clinic to access this data anytime, anywhere.



Through graphs, pie charts, and real-time feedback, your patients get detailed insights on their blood sugar fluctuations, diet, and activity.



Learn education

Your patients get access to a vast repository of diabetes related education on your branded app. Education, on diabetes management, is one of the most powerful ways of engaging and motivating your patients in their own care.

Automated Reminders

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Patients get automated reminders, from our healthbot Maya, about scheduled lab tests and appointments with you. Maya also reminds your patients to take and log their medicines, meals, blood glucose readings, and activities.


Engaging your patients, outside of your clinic, keeps them motivated and drives better health outcomes. Better health outcomes automatically drive re-visits and new patients to your clinic!

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