Drive patient engagement through care plans

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Keeping your patients engaged in their own care, outside of your clinic, is a challenge. LifeInControl empowers you to extend your care to patients’ homes through digital therapeutics.


Prescribe a Care Plan in just 3 steps!

With LifeInControl, creating a Care Plan is simple. Just log in to your digital diabetes clinic, select the patient, and click on ‘START CONSULTATION’. Next, click on Care Plan to get started.

Set-up patient goals

Setup Goal

Motivate your patients to be proactive in their care by setting up personalised ‘goals’ for them. You can set goals for HbA1c, fasting BG, post prandial BG, weight, waist, and calories consumed and burnt.

Set up actionable schedules:

Set up actionable schedules like self-monitoring of blood glucose, diet, lab test, and doctor visit for your patients. These schedules are the roadmaps that take your patients towards their goals.

Self Monitoring of Blood Glucose:


Monitor your patient’s blood glucose variations by providing them with a self monitoring blood glucose schedule.

Lab Schedule:

lab schedule

Give your patients a lab schedule as part of your digital care plan. We send automated reminders to your patients about their scheduled lab tests.

Visit Schedule:

Follow up Visit

Set up a visit plan for your patients. Patients with a prior visit plan tend to be more compliant with their doctor appointments. Plus, we ensure compliance by sending automated reminders to your patients about scheduled visits with you.

Diet Plan:

diet plan

Provide your patient with a personalized diet plan — suited to his/her needs and palate. Set up daily calorie and carb goals to manage blood glucose levels of your patients.


Engage Your Patients & Improve Compliance:

Patients engaged in their own care tend to be more compliant towards their health plans



Our health-bot — Maya — drives patient engagement on your behalf by seamlessly sharing your Care Plan with your patients on the LifeInControl app.

Increase Compliance:


We help improve your patients’ compliance by sending automated reminders to take and log their medicines, blood glucose readings, meals, and activities.


Studies (by ADA) have shown that a Care Plan is a powerful tool to engage patients in their own care. ADA recommends a comprehensive care plan to engage patients in their own care. Use LifeInControl’s powerful tool to drive engagement and better patient outcomes.


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