LifeInControl And The Future Of Diabetes Management – by Partha Sarathi Pati

Partha Sarathi Pati - Co Founder and COO Curo Healthcare

The proliferation of chronic disease has been on the rise which has lead to a huge economic burden on the state, companies and individuals.

Chronic conditions, such as diabetes, require continuous monitoring and care to alleviate risk at all stages. But current healthcare systems and processes aren’t equipped to handle chronic patient management as most of them stop with just assessment and care planning.

At Curo Healthcare, we are building a comprehensive care platform for chronic conditions, starting with diabetes. Our solutions span assessment of condition, support with planning personalized care as well as continuous feedback and education to ensure compliance.


We have specific assessment modules for doctors as well as coaches that span the clinical, lifestyle and behavioral patterns of the patient. These assessments provide decision support to the doctors and caregivers to help them create a personalised care plan.

The assessment algorithms also continuously evaluate the patient’s compliance and health as and when they get more data from the patient and suggest timely intervention strategies to the either the patient, his family members, care givers or the doctor.

Patients’ compliance to their care plans is measured continuously to engage them accordingly. Curo’s compliance score includes the patient’s adherence to medications, diet and activity discipline, his self-monitored data such as blood glucose, blood pressure, weight, lab and doctor visits.

Plan by doctors

Software algorithms help define clinical pathways that aid doctors, assuring right use of treatment guidelines; the doctor has the ability to create medication goals, goals for glycemic targets and other treatment goals (weight, waist circumference, waist-hip ratios, dietary and activity targets) and track the progress of the patient in achieving the goals.


Using our mobile app, patients can track their blood sugar values, diet, medication, activity and other vitals through their app. They are provided insights based on their data and educated if something doesn’t seem right.

Patients are able to visualize how every-day actions impact their long-term goals. With a coach guiding them through the process they are able to adhere to an evidence-based approach to reach their targets.

Curo’s Vision:

With a suite of solutions we seek to provide comprehensive care for diabetics ranging from standardizing care pathways to engaging them continuously to ensure compliance.

Our compliance and risk stratification algorithms can help providers and payers have visibility of risk for specific population segments which can then be followed-up and given more targeted advice.

Curo seeks to reduce the heavy economic burden on payers by managing its chronic population better, identifying high risk patients and planning timely interventions for them.

This need is more substantiated, as costs of health care insurance go up, insurance companies will incentivize people who are impacted with some non-communicable disease to be compliant to care program. Your compliance score will decide how health insurance is priced. We feel we will be the best geared to provide a unique value proposition to the insurance companies going forward.


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