LifeInControl App And Ease Of Patient Monitoring and Compliance – by Dr. Seema Singh

Dr. Seema Singh

A changing lifestyle and a shift in the disease burden are the two key denominators in the Indian healthcare sector today. With over 69 million diabetics and an almost equal number of pre-diabetics in the country, there doesn’t seem to be a plausible way to handle the burden of chronic disease in this country- with the current clinical practices and manpower.

One look at the highly skewed doctor patient ratio of 1: 1681 and it’s easy to deduce that there is no way doctors alone can handle the burden of a disease like diabetes. It needs a continued rather than episodic care along with continuous support and engagement of the patient to ensure medication and care compliance. Poor compliance and lack of awareness on behalf of the patient coupled with lack of sufficient care team manpower makes managing diabetes a daunting task for the doctors.

LifeInControl, a revolutionary diabetes care platform from Curo Healthcare, tries to provide an innovative solution to some of these problems; especially, those related to patient engagement and compliance. We, at Curo, firmly believe that solving these two issues is the key to better glycemic control.

As a platform that enables doctors to create and prescribe care plans and remotely monitor their patients’ compliance to the care plans, LifeInControl helps convert the episodic out-patient care in diabetes to a much-needed continuous care.

With self-management and education tool embedded in the app, LifeInControl helps in not only educating the patient but also improves compliance.

Our structured, digitally enabled diabetes management programs help patients take better control of their diabetes and get their “Life in Control”.


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