Living With Diabetes; An Inspiring Tale From Delhi

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No one ever said living with diabetes is easy. Not the doctors, not the patients and certainly not the near and dear ones of the people with diabetes. So when you meet someone who waves away all the difficulties of living with diabetes with a smile and a wink, you know that person’s story is worth sharing.

Last week, I had the privilege of conducting a candid interview with Mr. Bipin Kumar Sinha – one of many courageous people who have fought long and hard to keep their diabetes in check. This week my good friend and colleague, Bhargavi, introduced me to Mr. Mukesh Goyal. I was talking to her about Mr. Sinha and she said she knew someone with similar acumen. And thus, I had this impromptu interview with Mr. Mukesh Goyal.

Background: Mr. Goyal is a resident of the ever-colourful city of Delhi. He is 62 years old. He has a doting wife and two wonderful children. All was well and hunky dory at the Goyal residence until he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. This was about eight or nine years ago (Mr. Goyal does not remember the exact year clearly).  This is his story.

Diagnosis: Mr. Goyal was working as an architect at the time of his diagnosis.

“I was working with an architectural firm. In those days, my life was one rollercoaster of a ride consisting of impromptu meetings with clients, my bosses and numerous design reviews. At a moment’s notice, I was called to meetings and construction sites. I had no choice but to comply. I was very stressed out and it was taking a huge toll on my health. I felt fatigued most of the times”, Mr. Goyal told us.

He was advised by his friends and family to go for a routine check-up after his stress levels and fatigue became a matter of concern. It was at this routine check-up that he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.

Mr. Goyal believes that stress and fatigue had a big role to play in him being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.

Living With Diabetes:

“To be frank, diabetes has not affected me or my family too much. My diabetes has been under control since the time I was diagnosed.  I take my medication daily. I am always in contact with my doctor and also try to get in some exercise daily. My blood sugar level is at 5.4 right now”, Mr. Goyal elaborated when asked about the effect of diabetes on his life.

After the initial shock, Mr. Mukesh Goyal and his family buckled down to tackle the daily struggles of living with diabetes. He stated that his family was firmly behind him when it came to all the medications and care needed to manage his diabetes.

Mr. Goyal was candid about his diet. He stated that he had the advantage of never smoking or consuming alcohol.

“Even before I was diagnosed with diabetes, I neither smoker nor drank. My sugar consumption is almost negligible right now – maybe one or two spoonfuls of sugar in a month. I have completely given up on ghee and plan my diet according to doctor’s recommendations”, he said.

One of the major changes in his life, brought about by diabetes, was the fact that he resigned from his old, stressful job. He could no longer handle the enormous stress associated with his old job and put in his papers.

“I resigned immediately after I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. I always suspected that the stress had something to do with my diabetes diagnosis. My manager pressurized me a lot to remain at my job but I was determined. I remained unemployed for 6 months but never once thought of going back to my old stressful job”, Mr. Goyal recalled.

Support From Family And Friends:

When I asked Mr. Goyal if he faced anger, anxiety or depression issues after being diagnosed with diabetes, he smiled and said, “I have a great family. They support me and are always ready to make small changed in their life in order to make mine a little better. Plus, I am also very diligent about managing my diabetes.”

At his current job, Mr. Goyal gets ample time to spend with his family. On a lighter note, he confided to me that his children love going out for dinner on weekends. He likes to stay at home and spend a restful and lazy day watching television.

Closing Words:

“Yes, diabetes is not a fun companion. But if you take care of the little things and are regular with your diabetes care, you can lead a normal, happy and fulfilling life.”

I also asked him if he would like to try out the LifeInControl app for his diabetes care. He said he would.

So, Mr. Mukesh Goyal, I am happy that I will get another chance to speak with you.

And kudos to you for fighting diabetes daily with a smile and optimism!


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