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Dr. Modi's Presentaion

“If you want to educate the masses, educate the leaders first.”

In the ever expanding, ever-growing healthcare industry, doctors are the leaders. It’s the doctors who lead the patients in managing their condition better. Doctors inspire their peers in seeking better alternatives for the management of their patients’ condition.

We, at Life In Control, continuously strive to put this doctrine into practice. There is a growing need to educate people about adopting technology to manage their chronic conditions.

To that motive, we recently organized a conference on ‘Smart Management of Diabetes’ in Thane, Mumbai. The conference was held on March 5, 2017 and was attended by thirty of the most recognized doctors in the field of diabetes care and management. Also in attendance were members of the Curo Healthcare team along with Mr. Amitabh Nagpal, CEO, Curo Healthcare.

The conference started with inaugural speeches by keynote speakers – Dr. Pradeep Talwalkar. Dr. Alok Modi, and Mr. Amitabh Nagpal.

Digital Diabetes Clinic -
Digital Diabetes Clinic

The speakers emphasized on the need to embrace technology to manage chronic diseases. They took note of the fact that traditional means are no longer a viable option considering the exponential rise in the number of patients, the economic burden, and the quality of care needed to manage chronic conditions.

Dr. Pradeep Talwalkar spoke at length on ‘How to Optimize Data Generation in SMBG’. In his presentation, Dr. Talwalkar stated that in 2015, more than 415 million people were living with diabetes. India, with 69.2 million diabetics, ranks second in countries with highest diabetic population.

Remote Management of Patient
Remote Management of Patient

Later on, Dr. Talwalkar spoke on the futility of Self Monitoring Blood Glucose (SMBG) without intervention by Health Care Professionals (HCP). He said:

  • Self Monitoring of Blood glucose in diabetes is a well established need. SMBG is ineffective if HCP interventions do not happen
  • HCP intervention has to be structured and regular for maintaining continuous patient glycemic control.
  • Need of a Support to enhance a diabetes care program that aims to educate people about their condition, an instrument for objective feedback on the impact of daily lifestyle habits, special situations (illness, stress) and medication on glucose levels, and thereby to foster
  • Self-management and empower the individual to make the necessary changes
  • Support to the healthcare team in providing individually tailored advice about lifestyle components and blood glucose-lowering medication.

He ended his presentation by stating, “Technology enabled platforms can help address the issue of rising uncontrolled diabetics through continuous monitoring and tracking.”

Dr. Pradeep Talwalkar was followed by Dr. Alok Modi who spoke about ‘Digital Diabetes Clinic – A Reality’.  Dr. Modi, through evidence provided by clinical studies, opined that digital diabetes clinic is not only a possibility but also a necessity in better intervention by HCPs in management of diabetes.

Dr. Modi's Presentaion
Dr. Modi’s Presentation

Dr. Vivek Raskar presented the audience with real world data on how the use of Life In Control app helped in better diabetes care. Dr. Raskar showed the audience, through numerous case studies, how Life In Control app helped doctors providing correct intervention to their patients. He also demonstrated how blood glucose was stabilized for many patients when they started logging in and adhering to the care plans.

Dr. Raskar's Presentation
Dr. Raskar’s Presentation

The conference continued and the doctors in attendance volunteered to take the Life In Control sponsored Certification Program on Managing a Digital Diabetes Clinic. This was followed by Certificate Distribution – the enthusiasm with which the certificates were received was palpable!

And thus ended a fruitful conference – with majority of doctors signing up with Life In Control. You can also attend our conferences. Our next conference is in South Mumbai. We would love to see you at the conference and take your feedback.

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